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Radio 1010, Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc.
In this interview,  John Bardawill discusses how many car dealerships still do not provide a great customer experience when selling cars.   John explains how the industry can learn from Harley Davidson; a long standing TMG International client,  who has developed a better customer experience  approach that has proven highly profitable.  It is all about recognizing the needs of the customer first.
CityTV- Breakfast Television, Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc.
The power of FOMO and how marketers use it to sell to millennials.
Global News- The Morning Show, Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc.
Many companies think that by just being on social media they can market to millennials, But events like the Fyre Festival demonstrate that it is about creating appealing customer experiences. 
Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc. 
How companies are focusing on giving great customer experience to millennials.  
Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc. 
How to get great customer experience from both receiving and giving end in the restaurant business during busy holiday season. 
Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc. 
How well Canadian airlines explain customer's rights when luggage is lost or delayed.
By Tanya Kushner, Customer Experience Manager, TMG International Inc.
What are the ingredients of a great customer experience? Which ones are important for its sustainability?
Traveling for business or leisure; losing luggage is every traveler’s worst nightmare. In a recent CBC news segment Go Public, John Bardawill provides travel smart advice to consumers to improve their customer experience while travelling. 

By John Bardawill, Managing Director, TMG International Inc.;

Shannon Burch, Market Vice President, ATB Financial;

Jennifer McLeod, VP Business Development, SinglePoint Group International Inc;

Tanya Kushner, Customer Experience Manager, TMG International Inc. 

How organizations re-invent themselves with customer experience.

By John Bardawill Director, TMG International Inc.
In 2018, TMG and Phase 5 conducted a study on the state of Customer Experience (CX) in Canada. We discovered that currently CX is stuck in the “somewhat” land – from consumers’ and organizations’ perspective. Organizations are somewhat aligned on the importance of CX focus. They sort of have CX owners. They kind of have a cross-functional CX team. They maybe have a 3-year CX plan. Read more to see what your organization needs to do to give consumers the experience they desire and deserve.
By John Bardawill Director, TMG International Inc.
FLX Table is one of the Finger Lakes region's premier dining experiences. It does not just offer great food, it offers a memorable experience that is literally unforgettable.
TMG is pleased to support our clients and their agents by raising awareness of potential agent abuse on December 8th edition of the CBC's The Current.

From The Canadian Business Journal, August, 2016

By John Bardawill, Managing Director, TMG International Inc.

Avoid six common mistakes, move out of marketing's planning zone, and get to execution.

From, September, 2016

By John Bardawill, Managing Director, TMG & CMA's Customer Experience Council

We are pleased to showcase insights and case studies on disruption. Is It Really Just Better Customer Experience?

From Contact Management, July 4, 2016
By Cynthia Hill, Consultant, TMG
How to grow revenues and increase customer retention by dispelling contact centre myths.  
From, February 11, 2016
By John Bardawill, Managing Director, TMG
The article provides three aspects to consider if you want to add a superfluous service to your brand’s story.
From, July 2, 2015
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG 
What keeps consumers coming back? The four key elements that high value brands use to build loyalty.
From, April 28, 2015
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG
How to use an incubator setup to create a brand-new offering from scratch.
From, April 22, 2015
By Pat Tremaine, Partner, TMG
Five ways to check that you’re not missing the obvious when it comes to your product.
From, January 27, 2015
By Pat Tremaine, Partner, TMG
Having a well-articulated, customer-focused value proposition can help develop powerful alignment within your organization.Learn how.
From, October 31, 2014
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG
Think your firm might be stuck in a rut? Here's how to make sure you are innovating in the best possible way.
From Canadian Auto Dealer Magazine, November/December 2013
By Bill French, Partner, TMG
Learn why dealers need solid business plans and how they can be successfully constructed and implemented.
From Direct Marketing Magazine, November 2013
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG
John summarizes key takeaways from the Canadian Marketing Association Roundtable: Rethink Your Channel Strategy.
From Blog, October 22, 2013.
By Pat Tremaine, Partner, TMG
Learn the the top 3 things an organization must do to create alignment around it's value proposition and enhance the
customer experience. "Your value proposition is the single most important element driving your brand. Don't leave it open to  interpretation or let others define it. Take control and make it work to bring your brand to life."
From Direct Marketing Magazine, September 2013
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG
Learn the three key requirements for improving the customer-agent relationship.
From Blog, June 2013.
By Bill French, Partner, TMG
"Many business plans have baked-in flaws that guarantee they won't deliver the desired results", writes Bill French, who lists and explains 10 common reasons why even "great" business plans fail to deliver.
From Blog, July 2012.
By Pat Tremaine, Partner, TMG
The real test of a plan is the ability of the organization to actually execute it and drive measurable results. Done well, a plan aligns, unites and mobilizes. Learn the steps to effective planning.
Article Reprint from Direct Marketing Magazine, July 2012. This article summarizes the lessons learned, and best practices explored during a Roundtable Event hosted by the CMA’s Contact Centre Council.
Interview with John Bardawill, TMG International Inc.’s Managing Director.  “When it comes to consultancies, there are those who develop strategy and those who execute strategy. It is rare to have someone with both of these capabilities.” From Advantage Magazine, Spring 2012.
Feature Article on TMG International Inc. originally published on the TMCnet Online Community: Five9's Outbound Call Center.
Canada may like to sell itself as embracing the New Economy but there is a problem: Canadian companies aren’t being innovative enough in creating new products, services and processes.
From the Journal of Customer and Contact Centre Managment, July 2011
By John Bardawill, Managing Partner, TMG
Learn how a simple reframing of a contact centre business strategy can lead to a more profitable business. This paper describes a best in class contact centre business model, and illustrates how a contact centre can transition from a cost centre to a revenue focused business by employing a revenue generating model, maximizing the customer experience, and efficiently utilizing capital and operating resources.
The Achilles’ heel of social media has always been how does it affect a brand’s bottom line? How does 3,000 Twitter followers equate to a positive return on investment? Social media activity is really about connecting with audiences to provide them with information that engages and educates, rather than on selling goods and services.
The sad reality of the digital world is there are more frauds on the Internet than genuine articles. The other element that compounds this truth is that frauds will be exposed, singled out and attract considerable backlash. So, what is authenticity in the digital world?
One of the major impacts of social media is the power it gives customers in shaping brands.
The question is, how does one ultimately harness the voice of an influencer and leverage their audience? This question must be answered when planning and executing any digital marketing campaign.
As marketing professionals we have failed to keep our competencies honed and, as a result, have diminished our relevancy to the organization. So it should come as no surprise that in many organizations, marketing is no longer viewed as providing business leadership.
Different generations have approached, and continue to approach, the rise of digital technology from a variety of different vantage points but it is absolutely important to understand that digital media and communication have become ubiquitously accessed and utilized, to varying degrees, by ALL generations. Of course, technological shifts come with a requisite linked set of cultural shifts.